Kundalini awakenings are becoming more common, much more happening to people who have imagined themselves having this incredibly demanding energetic spiritual experience.  The initial experience is not quite noticeable and in a lot of people, this Kundalini energy is active and activated and they are not quite aware of it.  So, these few points will help you know if your Kundalini is active or not. 

You might experience terrible headaches, but this is just part of the process and one should refrain from this meditation while driving or operating machinery.

 Waking up in early hours.  If you are waking up a lot between 3 and 5 am.  Yes, people tend to wake up in the early hours of the morning each and every day and sometimes the energy is so vast that you won’t be able to sleep at all.  This overflow of energy is keeping you awake. 

You feel tingling sensation near the base of your spine or running up your spine.  This is more like heat.  You can feel actual local heat pockets going up your spine, as well as like a weird tingling.

You get a feeling you are more intuitive, more psychic, more perceptive.  The Kundalini is helping you not for the sole aim of making you more psychic but it is more of a byproduct of you becoming a more fully conscious, fully functioning entity in the physical.  You are bringing forth your real YOU.

When you close your eyes especially at night when you are going to bed, you might find that you are having what people who would like to psychedelic drugs effect; they call it a closed eye visual.  When you close your eyes and you don’t see only the back of your eyelids, you see visual, you see lights, shapes, geometric patterns, drawings, faces, all sorts of wild things, beautiful colors, a different world with animals and plants that you have never seen before.  The Kundalini energy will definitely make that happen for a variety of reasons, one of them is that it is opening up your Chakras and as your Chakras open, your third eye opens, then you can get a sensation of those things mentioned above that was once invisible to you.

Energy healing.  You are feeling the energy kind of moving around your body but it feels really, really good.  It feels like spiritual ecstasy.  It is like an orgasm.  Even though you don’t know what is going on, actually it is healing you.  Making you feel lighter more relaxed…less internal conflicts.

You feel vibrations in your body at times, often times again when you are lying down and relaxed and at night, you will feel….you will experience actual vibrations that do not really seem to make any sense why they are happening in your body and they do not hurt, they feel kind of nice actually, but they can freak you out if all of a sudden your body is vibrating violently for no reason.  It is the Kundalini energy bumping up against blockages.

After completing your meditation, you might find that you are exhausted for no real reason.  You feel too tired to think, but after some practices you get the energy of a teenager.  You are all pumped up and you don’t know why…you are just so full of life.


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