Jack Kornfield

Internationally Renowned Spiritual Teacher & Meditation Master

Kornfield was born to Jewish parents.  He has three brothers.  He was born on July 16, 1945.  After graduating from Dartmouth College, he joined Peace Corps and was sent to Thailand.  It was out there that he met his Guru Ajahn Chah and Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma.  He is a bestselling American author and teacher in the Vipassana movement.  He has taught meditation throughout the world and is the key person to introduce Buddhist Mindfulness practice to the West.  In 1975, he co-founded the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts .  Kornfield has organized teacher training and led international gatherings of Buddhist teachers including the Dalai Lama and has worked as a peacemaker and activist.


Kornfield has worked to make Buddhism accessible for Westerners.  He has focused on combining loving kindness and self compassion with the practice of mindfulness, and incorporating together the wisdom of Eastern and Western psychology.

Honestly, I have just read one of his books.  Meditation For Beginners.  It comes with a free audio CD with six guided meditations: It was an awesome experience for me because I really wanted to learn meditation and Mr. Kornfield teaches everything step by step.

The titles of the meditation is given below:

  1. Connecting with the breath                                           12:41 min
  2. Working with sensations in the body                          12.52 min
  3. Working with feelings and emotions                           14.02 min
  4. Witnessing Your Thoughts                                            09.56 min
  5. Forgiveness Meditation                                                 07.13 min
  6. Loving Kindness Meditation                                        10.50 min

I will try and upload the audio files of these meditations so that people who are reading this blog can try it out for yourself and witness the change it brings in you.

Meditation, Jack Kornfield