Now a days the internet is the best source to search for any topic relating to opening up the third eye and they say after opening the third eye whatever things you desire you can get in life.  Those people state various benefits of opening the third eye, but there are many dangers which they do not mention.

If you do not have right knowledge regarding third eye and if you are not ready to open the third eye then these experiences will trouble you mentally, physically, emotionally.  Because of this, before starting the process of opening the third eye, you should have some awareness regarding the dangers of opening the third eye.  We all agree to open the third eye is a special thing, but do you know what exactly happens at the time of opening the third eye.

Third eye is a way or a path where you will get into spirituality or spiritual world.  When third eye opens then you will begin to see strange things.  You will feel strange sensations that you have never experienced it before as if you have just gotten connected to the spiritual world/outer world.  Just imagine how you will feel when you are alone somewhere, but you get a feeling that you are not alone, there is someone beside you all the time, while you are sleeping, while you are eating, even when you are taking bath.  You will get a sensation that you are not alone.  They say that there are entities who exist in the fourth dimension and we cannot see them in our third dimensional world, but when our Pineal Gland opens, we will begin to notice and feel all these fourth dimensional entities.

A spiritual person will name this entity as evil spirit or ghost because after seeing these entities one will feel some kind of fear in ones heart, so the question arises will these entities trouble us?  The answer is No.  The entities that we see are not entities, but it is our own different form.  Some forms that we see are happy and positive and other forms that we see are quite scaring, but these forms are just emotions which we have already lived before and they are all just lost in time.  In fact those forms are always living with us.  We cannot see them, but we can feel them, so when our third eye opens then we begin to see our different personalities or emotions.  These are the personalities that we have thrown away in our life and we have moved ahead, but those emotions or personalities are always with us moving with us all the time.

So if we don’t have proper education and we omit to understand these things or ignore these things and move ahead with opening our third eye then we have to face all those different forms or entities, which will mentally hamper us.  So friends, if you really want to move ahead with opening your third eye, then you got to have proper knowledge regarding all these things and when you are ready with all the positive and negative aspects of opening your third eye then only you can go ahead with the process.

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