Spondylosis is a painful condition caused due to inflammation of the joints between the vertebrates. Often the joints may have dislocation or wear and tear. Although common during old age, young people may also fall victim to the condition owing to adoption of bad posture in sitting and various other conditions.  It is degenerative arthritis of the spine.  The bone and protective cartilage in our spine are prone to wear and tear and this leads to cervical spondylosis.


Dehydrated spinal disks, bone spurs, herniated disks, injury.

Overuse:  Some occupation or hobbies involve repetitive movements or heavy lifting.  This can put additional pressure on the spine resulting in wear and tear.

Risk Factors:

The greatest risk factors for cervical spondylosis is aging.

Other factors are neck injuries, work-related activities putting extra strain on one’s neck, repeating the same neck movement throughout the day, genetic factor, smoking, being overweight and being inactive.


There is no significant symptoms in cervical spondylosis.  Most common symptom is pain around the shoulder blade.  Patient will also complain of pain in arms and fingers.


Worsening stiff neck.

Back of the head-headaches.

Shoulders and arms tingling and numbness.

Treatments may include, but are not limited to medications, injections, physiotherapy, and surgery.

Home Remedies:

It is best to consult your doctor, but you can try the following.

Take over-the-counter pain reliever.

Use heating pads.

Wear a soft neck brace, but not for too long.

Exercise regularly.





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